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Barrier-free access to the library

Directions to the library building, starting at the main entrance of the University Wuppertal

  • Information at the main entrance / reception (building G 08)
  • Pass the group of chairs through the glass door on the left side and follow the sign “Eingang zur Bibliothek” (= entrance to the library)
  • Go along the corridor next to the library, pass the staircase and the auditoriums 3, 2 and 1 until you reach the staircase in building P/O/BZ 08
  • Use the elevator to access P/O/BZ 07
  • Take the door leading to the building BZ and follow the signs “Garderobe” ( = cloakroom) and “Eingang zur Bibliothek” past the lockers and the cloakroom
  • Ignore the first revolving door, but next to the second one is a bell for an extra, barrier-free door

Handicapped parking spots of the university (in German)