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The University Library offers a permanently sale of  library’s used, dispensable books.

A shelf next to the lending desk on floor 7 (Central Library at Campus Grifflenberg) contains these books that are regularly restocked. Mainly we sell old textbooks which we have replaced by newer editions. The books are labelled with a mark which says “gelöscht” (= erased). 
Every library user can generally pick and purchase any of the used books.

To buy one of these you have to buy a voucher at first which costs 2 Euro at the pay machine. Then you present the voucher and the book at the lending desk and the book will be released for you.

There are also used, dispensable textbooks on sale at the Departmental Library 6 on Campus Haspel and at Departmental Library 7 on Campus Freudenberg. Please choose books from the shelf and present them at the lending desk/information desk. The charge of 2 Euro per book must be payed in cash.

We use the benefit for the acquisition of new books.