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Charges are imposed according to the official note Gebühren- und Entgeltordnung der Universitätsbibliothek der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal (pdf file - unfortunately only available in German) from the 4th of February, 2010. The fees for the interlibrary loan service are constituted by the ministry for school, sciences and research of North Rhine-Westphalia (21.10.2002 - 514 - There may be extra charges for postage, etc …


Please note our advice concerning the payment of charges.

Fines for overdue items

If the lending period of a media item is exceeded, a fine will be charged. Fines will be charged for each media item separately and also apply to all media that have been ordered via interlibrary loan.

  • If you overrun the date of return of borrowable media items:
    • up to 10 days: 2,00 Euro
    • up to 20 days: 5,00 Euro
    • up to 30 days: 10,00 Euro
    • up to 40 days: 20,00 Euro
  • If you overrun the date of return in case of short-term loan:
    • per day: 2,00 Euro


Fines in case of damage, loss or not-returning of items

  • Service charge: 25,00 Euro and additionally
  • Costs of repair, replacement or a compensation for lost value

Fines in case of loss or damage of the library card

  • Replacement card fee: 10,00 Euro

Please report the loss of your library card as soon as possible.

Other charges

  • Interlibrary loan service:
    • Fee per order: 1,50 Euro
    • Postal charges: 0,80 Euro*
    • Fines when exceeding the loan period: correspond to the usual fines for overdue media
  • Reservation of books which are on loan:
    • Postal charges: 0,80 Euro*
  • Charges for reproduction service:
    • 1 A4-copy from microfiche or -film (for students and employees): 0,25 Euro
    • 1 A4-copy from microfiche or -film (for external users): 1,00 Euro


* There will be no postal charges, if you choose to be informed via e-mail. After your registration you may enter or change your e-mail adress in your user account on your own.


Payment of charges

You can pay your charges in cash at all three locations of the University Library of Wuppertal. Additionally, you have the opportunity to pay via cash card and PIN at the Desk for Interlibrary Loan Service and Charges. There is as well a pay machine.

Unpaid charges (including interlibrary loan charges) have to be paid within 10 days, otherwise your library card will be disabled.

Current notice:

You also have the possibility to transfer fees to the following account:

Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Helaba Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE 20 3005 0000 0004 0154 18

Please enter the keyword BZ, your library card number and your name as reason for payment. However, if you choose to transfer the money by bank transfer, a delay of several days is to be expected.

Please note that the payment of late fees is only possible after return of the media or after extension of the loan period.