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How to order literature in the "Katalog plus" from the closed stacks

Due to lack of space, parts of the library holdings are kept in the closed stacks and are not freely accessible. You can recognize these media by the numbers 04 or 05 at the beginning of their signature.

  • e.g. for books 05 ZZY 1231
  • e.g. for journals 04 58S3 

If you want to borrow media from the closed stacks or take a look at it, you have to place an order. You can recognise those media by the word "Bestellbar" in the result list.


Log in with your user ID and password.

Log in with user ID and password

Click on the medium for bibliographic details. If you want to place an order you can click on the link "Order" now.

Order literature from the closed stacks

The medium you request will usually be at your disposition the next day.

  • book order from the closed stacks: request will appear in your library account
  • journal order from the closed stacks: request will not appear in your library account
  • Whenever ordering journals from the closed stacks please use the link “Journal order from stack” in the left navigation menu of the "Katalog plus".

When is it not necessary to place a closed stack order?

  • If a book is already on loan from the closed stacks you can reserve it, same procedure as with other media.
  • Usually, only journals published before 1991 or journals whose subscription has been cancelled are kept in the closed stacks. For journals published after 1991, you usually do not need to place a closed stack order. Please note the holdings information in the catalogue.
  • Special case Departmental Library 4: All journals up to and including 2007 and all cancelled journals of the Departmental Library 4 are in our closed stacks and must be ordered.

Example Departmental Library 4

A closed stack order is only necessary for ‘older’ volumes of this journal (with the number 04 in front of the signature), in fact for those volumes published between 2001 and 2007.

The newer volumes do not need to be ordered, they are kept in the subject library. These are the volumes published since 2008.