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Our reading rooms

On Campus Grifflenberg there are several reading rooms with different features which we would like to present to you in detail:

  • Reading room at level 10
Photograph of reading room at level 10

The reading room at level 10 offers 32 individual work stations and 16 internet cafe seats as well as 128 open seats, differently equipped and grouped in variously shaped areas. All individual workstations are equipped with electricity and the remaining areas are also equipped with sockets, so you can work comfortably with your laptop. Access to the university network via WLAN is possible. The group study rooms are also located here.

  • Reading room at level 9
Photograph of reading room at level 9

To work in a quiet and uninterrupted atmosphere, our reading room located between the departmental libraries 3 and 4 is recommended. The individual workstations are partly equipped with electrical connections.

  • Reading room for not lendable media from the closed stack or interlibrary loan in departmental library 2 at level 8
Photograph of reading room in departmental library 2

In the departmental library 2 you get literature you may only use within the library facilities. This is mainly not lendable media from our closed stack or literature ordered via interlibrary loan which has special use requirements supplied by the lending library.

Please note the opening hours.

Additionally there is an overhead book scanner available with which you may scan uncopyable media.

  • PC reading room in departmental library 3 at level 9
Photograph of PC reading room at level 9

The PC reading room with its 28 multifunctional PC workstations is part of the PC- pool. The workstations have internet access, application software such as Microsoft Word as well as USB / DVD / CD-ROM access. Printouts are also possible. When you use the computers for the first time, it is necessary to set up an access account.