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Textbook collection

The textbook collection of the University Library contains important and basic literature with multiple copies for your studies, some of them available as e-books, too.

The loan period is generally 30 days and can be renewed in your account if nobody has reserved the book and if you have not reached the maximum loan period of 12 months. 

Textbooks can be identified with the help of the number at the beginning of the signature; it is called the location mark:

  • 91 DCQ2611(2)+11 (textbooks with 91: located at Campus Grifflenberg, floor 7)
  • 93 WTD1584+10     (textbooks with 93: located at Campus Haspel)
  • 95 XVP4703(8)+10  (textbooks with 95: located at Campus Freudenberg)

If you miss important textbooks, please make a suggestion for purchase.