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Electronic and conventional course reserve collections

What is a course reserve collection?

For all participants of a lecture, the lecturer assorts books, journal articles and digitalized texts in one course reserve. Reserve material usually remains in the collection until the end of the semester.

  • Conventional course reserves: Books and folders with journal articles are shelved seperately in the departmental libraries. In the catalogue plus, the books are displayed with the location "Semesterapparat" (course reserve collection; see below): they are not lendable, but they are available  for reading, copying and scanning. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to make a short term loan, but only with a written permission from the lecturer.
  • Electronic course reserves: Online material that participants of a lecture can use via the learning platform Moodle. They are particularly journal articles or book chapters that were digitalized reagarding the German Copyright Act. The PDF-files can be seen after entering the access code (which is communicated by the lecturers). In some course reserves you'll find links to licensed, electronic journal articles and e-book chapters. The full texts can be used within the university network or from home with remote access via VPN.

Display in the catalogue plus

For books placed in course reserve collections, a fictitious end of loan date is displayed in the catalog plus. If you have questions about the exact location of a book from a course reserve collection, please contact the staff of the departmental libraries or central information.