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Reference management software

Typing references? Entering quotations by hand?

Break up with piles of paperwork! Better use a reference management software. Thus it is easy to quote correctly and to create reference lists automatically. Even with large amounts of literature, you can bring order to your book chaos and keep track of things.

Reference management with Citavi

Citavi is a reference management software and offers a wide range of functions in the areas of reference management and knowledge organization. Whether it's a term paper, bachelor's or master's thesis or dissertation, Citavi helps you write your scientific work - from research and citation to the finished manuscript.

Citavi is a Windows based software. It requires Windows 10, 8, or 7 to run, and in case you want to use Citavi on a Mac, please follow these instructions.

The University Library has acquired a site licence for Citavi. Students and employees of the University can use the full version of the software free of charge.

Are there alternatives to Citavi?

There is a lot of different reference management software on the market. Free and licensed, web-based, and software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. For an overview of some of the more common programs (available only in German), see (8th update, June 2020) (as of July 2018)