Subject librarians

Subject librarians are responsible for

  • purchasing books and other library materials
  • providing reference help for their specific subject
  • helping with research tools and methods

Art, Design, English Studies, History, Philosophy
Kristina Frank
Phone (0202) 439-2664

Political Science, Psychology, Special Education / Rehabilitation Sciences, Sports Science
Anna Maria Jacobs
Phone (0202) 439-2686

Classical Philology, Education, School of Education, Theology
Dietmar Kallwellis
Phone (0202) 439-2685

Materials Science, Mathematics, Physics
Jörn Krepke
Phone (0202) 439-2689

Economics, Geography, Legal Sciences, Social Sciences
Ilka Petry
Phone (0202) 439-2684

German Studies, Literature Studies, Music, Romance Studies
Dr. Anja Platz-Schliebs
Phone (0202) 439-2688

Applied Computer Sciences, Architecture, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Food Chemistry / Biology, Mechanical Engineering, Technology
Dr. Christian Schäffer
Phone (0202) 439-2683

Electrical and Information Engineering, General, Printing and Media Technology, Safety Engineering
Tobias Schwarck
Phone (0202) 439-2681

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