You can borrow items on the self-service units and at the local lending desk in the main library (Campus Grifflenberg, floor 7) or at the lending desks at Campus Haspel or Campus Freudenberg during opening hours.
You need your library card and the items you would like to borrow. Every media item with an odd number (01, 21, 47) at the beginning of the signature (location mark) is borrowable, for instance 21 IEQ 4713. Please notice that you can only borrow books - no non-book material - at the self-service units.

The ordinary loan period is 30 days. Ten days before the date of return, you will be informed by e-mail or mail. You can extend the loan period on your own on the Internet if nobody has reserved the item.
The maximum loan period is 12 months, then you have to return the media item. If you want to borrow it again immediately you can only use the local lending desks.

Please treat the borrowed media carefully. Tell the library staff about any damage of the media you would like to borrow before loaning. Otherwise you are liable for this damage:
§3(5)of the library regulations - unfortunately only available in German
If you exceed the loan period, you will be charged up to 20 Euro per item.

Short-term loan

Books or other media units with a signature which begins with an even number (e.g. 10, 20) or media from the course reserve collection, belong to the non-circulation collection.
As an exception you can borrow these items for a short period of time of 3 days at the local lending desks - not on the self-service units. In case of items from the course reserve collection you need the permission from the lecturer and the subject librarian.

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