How to reserve media on loan

You can reserve media that are currently on loan via your user account in the "Catalogue plus", so that the person who borrowed the item(s) will not be able to renew the loan. When the book has been returned to the library you will be informed by e-mail or mail (this depends on whether you have told the library your e-mail address). You can pick up the required item at the lending desk within the next ten days.

How to reserve one copy of the item

If the library has only one copy of the item and this one is on loan, you can recognise those media generally by the word "Reservable" in the result list.

First click the button at the top right and then log in with your ZIM-Account via Shibboleth.

What do I have to consider if there are more copies of an item?

  • A reservation is only possible if all lendable copies are actually on loan.
  • If all copies are on loan, it does not matter for which copy you use the “Request” button. As the first in line you will get the next item which is returned to the library.
  • Please note the number of reservations already made. You will only be the first in line if the item has not been reserved by anybody else. Take a look at your user account to see at which rank in line your reservation is.
  • There is a separate queue for the items of the “textbook collection”. Due to the fact that there are usually more copies of a certain item which is listed in the “textbook collection”, it can be useful to reserve one of these to possibly reduce the waiting time. In case of doubt or if there are any unclarities please refer to the information desk for advice.

How to cancel a reservation

If you do not need a reserved item anymore, you can cancel the reservation in your user account:

  • Search for the reserved item in the column “Account”, then “Library Account” and then in the column “Reservations”
  • Click on the “Cancel reservation” button.

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