The workstations of the PC pool are located in the departmental library 3. In order to use the workstations you have to register an account.

The workstations of the PC-pool offer you:

  • access to the internet
  • application software, for example Excel, PowerPoint and Word (all Microsoft)
  • usage of CD-ROMs, DVDs, USB flash drives and external data carriers
  • networkprinting provided by the copy centre

There is no e-mail programme installed on the computers, but webmail services may be used. Furthermore there are different types of scanners for the digitalization of texts and pictures.

How to register an account

The use of our computers and scanners is free of charge. Students and employees of the university are allowed to make use of the PC-pool. In order to do so you have to register an account at the main information desk. Just fill in an application form and bring your library card. With this you automatically accept the library regulations (unfortunately only available in German) – especially the clauses concerning electronic data processing.

After your registration you can use the computers immediately. Please note that you are responsible for backing up and storing your data yourself. We encourage you to use your own storage media (e.g. USB flash drive).

Usage period

You can use all computers which are part of the PC-pool for up to four hours per day. You can divide your daily working time on the computers flexibly.

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